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The all-in-one ZX20 series of MINI IP Phone System is a powerful and energy efficient phone system that not only provides traditional basic PBX features, but also advanced features, such as visual voice mail, music on hold, and auto attendant, etc.

Designed for businesses with up to 30 phone extensions, the ZX20 provides all the features required of a SME business phone system. The ZX20 is available in two models, the ZX20-A202 has two FXO modules, while the ZX20-A211 model has a single FXS and a single FXO module. Please select the model you require.

Артикул: [ZX20]

ZX20 series IP phone system is SIP based and optimized for the small and medium business in daily communications. ZX20 series is able to accept 30 user registrations, and easy to manage a fully voice over IP system with the convenient and cost advantages.
Based on embedded technology, ZX20 series provides a solid, uniform platform for voice as well as data network communications. It offers a seamlessly integrated solution for the up-to-date telecommunication needs. Being more flexible, ZX20 series integrates 2 analog ports to become a feature-rich PBX system.

ZX20 series integrates NAT functions to make it perfect for small business usage. Besides traditional PBX system functions, it provides many advanced functions including voice mail to email, web management and etc. Designed to run on a variety of VoIP applications, the IP PBX provide IP-based communications, voice conferencing, support paging/intercom, call recording and BLF (Busy Lamp Field) functions. It also supports call detailed record (CDR), centralized Auto-Attendant (AA), and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR). ZX20 series utilizes standard PSTN lines via the interfaces of gateway to support seamless communications among local calls, SIP-based endpoints including low cost long distance call service, telephone number portability and one network for both voice and data.


  • SOHO
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Multiple Site

Technical Specification

PBX Features

  • BLF (Busy Lamp Field)
  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing Number)
  • Conference Room(3)
  • Automated Attendant
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Responses)
  • DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
  • CDR (Call Detailed Record)
  • Voicemail
  • Feature Codes
  • SIP Trunk (10)
  • Blacklist
  • Phone Book
  • IP Phone Provisioning
  • Multiple Language (Chinese / English /Portuguese)
  • Support Skype for SIP
  • T.38 FAX(Pass-through)
  • Trouble Shooting (Ping, Traceroute)

System Capacity

  • 30 IP Phone Users
  • 256 MB Onboard Flash
  • Recording(GSM): 2100 min
  • Voicemail(GSM): 2000 min

Call Capacity

  • Caller ID
  • Video Calls
  • Call Paging and Intercom
  • Call Forward
  • Call Pickup
  • Call Park
  • Call Group
  • Call Routing
  • Music on Hold / Transfer
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Hold
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Queue
  • Call Recording
  • Three-Way Conference

Codec & Protocol

  • Audio Codec:
  • G.711(a-law, u-law),G.729,G.726,
  • GSM,Speex
  • Video Codec Pass-through:
  • H.261,H.263,H.263+,H.264
  • Protocol: SIP (RFC3261) , IAX2
  • DTMF: RFC2833, SIP INFO, In-band

Network Features

  • DHCP Server
  • IP Assignment (DHCP / Static)
  • VPN Client (Support N2N / L2TP)
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • DDNS Client (Support Dyndns.org /
  • No-ip.com)
  • Support PoE

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: 400MHz Blackfin 533 Chip
  • 256M On-board NAND Flash
  • 64M SDRAM
  • 1 WAN Port
  • 1 Power Adapter Port
  • 1 Reset Button
  • 2 Analog Ports
  • LED indication
  • Power Supply:
  • Input: 100 V ~ 240 VAC
  • Output: DC 12 VDC, 2.0 A


  • Open Source uClinux
  • Asterisk 1.4.x

Environmental Specifications

  • Temperature: -10°C-45°C
  • Storage temperature:-30°C-65°C
  • Humidity: 10-80% no dew

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Виробник Zycoo

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