Dual FXS module FXS 200

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The FXS module FXS-200 allows the Asterisk card X1600P card to terminate analog telephones.Because of the modular design, a user can activate additional ports at any time with more FXS module daughter cards. The FXS module passes all the call features any standard analog telephone will support.

Note: To use the FXS module, you must provide 12V DC power to the Asterisk card X1600P, either from the computer's power supply.

The X1600P card is bundled with 8 pcs dual FXO dual FXS modules , each module supports 2 ports/channels,total 16 ports.The FXO module is in red and the FXS model is in green.

Артикул: [FXS-200]


- Fully support Asterisk/Trixbox/Elastix 
- Support zaptel/Dahdi driver
- 8 dual FXO/FXS modules , each module supports 2 ports , total 16 FXO/FXS interfaces
- 16 RJ11 interfaces via expand RJ45-RJ11 converter
- 16 ports for connecting POTS lines or analog telephones 
- PCI 2.2 compliant
- Suitable for SOHO PBX / VoiceMail / IVR.


- 1 x 1600P motherboard
- 8 x Dual FXO/FXS modules
- 4 x Converter ( RJ45 ->RJ11)
- 4 x Cables (RJ45)
- CD manual


The Asterisk card 1600P is a half-length PCI 2.2-compliant card that supports FXS and FXO station interfaces for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. 
-It's a PCI Card for AsteriskTrixBox,Elastix and other Open Source Telephony projects 
-The card is fully compatible with all analog Digium and other similar analog cards and modules with no changes to the drivers. 
-FXO modules are used to plug existing analog telephone lines into your phone system.
With the Asterisk card X1600P, Open Source Asterisk PBX software and a standard PC, users can create a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) telephony environment which includes all the sophisticated features of a high-end PBX/Voicemail platform. 
Scalable and Effective SOHO Solution, Target Applications 
-Small Office Home Office (SOHO) applications 
-Gateway Termination to Analog Telephones 
-Add Inexpensive Analog Phones to Existing PBXs 
-Wireless Point-to-Point Applications between Asterisk Servers 
Services and Features 
-Caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID 
-ADSI Telephones 
-PCI Half-length Slot 
-RJ-11C Connector

Motherboard: X1600P
FXO module(FXO-200): 0~8 pcs ( Each module supports dual channels) 
FXS module(FXS-200): 0~8 pcs 
( Each module supports dual channels)

25.5X12X2 cm

  OEM services
  voip ata Label, Sticker
  4 port fxo Logo silk screen printing
  voip ata Customized gift box
  4 port fxo Re-designing PCB

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